How to Join


1. You must link back to the Charm Bracelets Pixel Club homepage so others can join in on the fun!

2. You can create as many charms as you like! If you'd like more than one to appear on the member list, resubmit the form below.

3. Keep all charms PG. They should not have any explicit content to keep this enjoyable for all.

4. Never forget to link to the owners of all the charms when adding them to your bracelet. It's preferable to have and link to a dedicated page for your bracelet, but not required.

5. All charms must appear connected to the Connector pieces when displayed next to each other on a webpage. This can mean your customized charm can have any attachments to the Connectors, which start at 16 pixels from the top of the .png.

6. All charms should not be less than or exceed 32px in height to make sure all charms connect.

7. Animations are totally and completely okay! Use your imagination!

Most of all, have fun!


please double-check that your URL is working!

please double-check that your URL is working!

your email address will never be shared with anyone,
and only used to alert you of your membership status.