I want to contribute some community charms for everyone to have. Can I send them in?

Yes, of course! This is meant to be a community project, and the more the merrier. Want to create some colorful connectors or add some additional ways to connect charms? Feel free! Thank you so much for contributing! Send an email to Alexandra to get it added to the Charm Bracelets website.

I want to make a charm, but I'm not sure what to make.

Charms can be tied to your identity, a celebration of an event, an icon or idol of your favorite interests, or whatever you like! It could be your favorite animals, your favorite foods, or anything that genuinely makes you happy. It doesn't even have to necessarily represent you, as long as it's something that you enjoy pixeling. This is a great way to get started pixeling if you never have before! (Try this web-based editor!)

I have a question that isn't here.

Feel free to send an email to Alexandra for any questions, comments, or concerns you may have!